Pole of Hope

In December 2016, Aron Anderson set out on his life’s greatest, coldest and likely most dangerous adventure yet – to be the first person in a wheelchair skiing to the South Pole. The expedition was carried out for the benefit of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

On December 21st 2016 he reached the South Pole!

About Pole of Hope

Aron Anderson will pole his way to the South Pole in a sit ski, starting at the edge of the Antarctic continent. It’s a challenge of around 640 km (398 miles) in an average temperature of around -27.5°C (-17.5°F).

Aron is doing this in order to test the boundaries of what is possible. As always, he wants to inspire and motivate others to strive to achieve their own goals and chase their dreams. Aron wants to instill hope in those who need it – and that’s why the expedition is called Pole of Hope.

In addition to challenging himself and inspiring others, the purpose of Pole of Hope is to raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. As a proud ambassador for the Foundation, Aron has previously raised millions of SEK for their vital research. This time, Aron hopes that the Swedish people will help and support him in a record fundraising drive.

How does the fundraising work?
For every 10 SEK raised for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Aron will ski 1 meter and for each new monthly donor, he will ski 700 meters. It’s 640 kilometers and 6.4 million SEK to reach the goal!



What: Sit-skiing from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole
When: December, 2016. Aron leaves Sweden November 19.
Distance: 640 km (398 miles)
Timeframe: Skiing about 20 km (12.4 miles) a day for about 30 days
Why: Aron wants to push his limits in his greatest adventure yet, as well as inspire and motivate others and raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Average temperatures: Average temperature in Nov/Dec: -27.5°C (-17.5°F)
Challenges: Extreme cold, crevasses, strong winds, physical effort, etc.
Fundraising: The goal is to raise 6.4 million SEK for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

About Aron

Aron was diagnosed with cancer as a child. When he was nine years old, he underwent surgery and ended up in a wheelchair. During the long rehabilitation period, Aron read a lot about the adventurer Ola Skinnarmo and his expedition to Antarctica. Fascinated, he followed the expedition, and as a ten-year-old boy confined to his bed, he only dared to dream about making the same journey.

Aron made a decision to not allow the wheelchair to stop him, but instead see what opportunities it could provide. His childhood dream was still very much alive, and when Aron summited Kebnekaise in 2013, as the first person in a wheelchair ever, he realized that he could do greater things than anyone had thought possible. After this, he started planning to make the same expedition as Ola.

Today, he’s frequently seen on TV and recently hosted Lilla Sportspegeln (a sports broadcast directed at young people) and the Paralympics. He’s climbed mountains and swum across oceans. He’s one of Sweden’s most popular speakers and in 2015, he was awarded the prize for Fundraiser/Volunteer of the Year, was in the top ten list of Sweden’s Most Powerful Young People and named one of Sweden’s Super Communicators.

Aron has travelled the world and pushed himself in extreme situations before, both physically and mentally. His track record includes:

  • Participating in 4 Paralympics in 3 different sports
  • Winning 10 gold medals in the World Junior Championships in Athletics
  • Being the first person in a wheelchair to climb Kebnekaise
  • Skiing Vasaloppet 3 times
  • Hand cycling from Malmö to Paris
  • Completing a Swedish Classic in under 24 hours
  • Winning the Wings for Life World Run Kalmar
  • Swimming 37 km across the Åland Sea
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Completing an Ironman